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Visit Trace ID in LogiMAT 2018

This March, one of the largest and most important logistics fairs will take place in the heart of Europe. We are talking about LogiMAT2018 that take place in Stuttgart from March 13 to 15. There will gather nearly 50,000 professionals from the sector and will have almost 15,000 exhibitors. The fair will be divided into 21 areas ranging from Warehousing and operational equipment to Order-picking Systems or Labelling and Identification which, actually, is the area that most interests us as Trace ID.

We are looking forward to sharing information and experiences during those days with experts from our sector. If you come to visit LogiMAT you will find Trace ID in booth ES81 of the East Hall.

Why be in LogiMAT?

The reasons why LogiMAT is the annual event that you can not miss are varied and interesting, the following listed are the main ones:

  • LogiMAT takes place in the heart of Europe and is the largest intralogistics market of international importance.
  • The continuous improvement in quality is one of the reasons for the excellent reputation of LogiMAT around the world.
  • In LogiMAT, professionals are in direct contact with key strategists of the high level of administration, purchasing, production, IT, storage, communications, etc., of the sector.
  • Experts give lectures on current issues throughout the fair, creating a perfect communication environment. It is an excellent way to generate synergies and sensitize visitors about what you have to offer.
  • LogiMAT offers a complete overview of the market, all in one place and in just three days. For attendees, this means more time for businesses and networks.

Meet Trace ID at LogiMAT

If you already know us, you will know that Trace Id is a leading provider of RFID technology and solution headquartered in Barcelona with a worldwide operation.

Established in 2007, Trace ID is a manufacturer and developer of high-quality RFID transponders.

We Trace ID focus our sales on system integrators, converters or resellers and we are specialised in UHF and also HF inlays and tags. We have complete manufacturing capabilities and in-house research and development resources. Trace can deliver both standard and customised RFID products of inlays, labels, cards and tags. Customization capabilities include a tailored antenna and mechanical design, artwork printing and data programming.

All this expertise, along with the persistence of quality and service, make Trace ID one of the most trustable partners in RFID industry.

Come to LogiMAT and let’s talk!

Visit Trace ID in LogiMAT 2018