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Trace ID’s Highlights on RFID solutions

Trace ID is a leading manufacturer of RFID technology and solution with factory and headquarters in Barcelona and worldwide operation. Established in 2007, Trace ID is a professional developer and manufacturer of high-quality RFID Transponders. Our product range is from UHF to HF with in-house research and development resources and complete manufacturing capabilities. Trace ID can deliver both standard and customized RFID products of inlays, labels, cards and tags. We are focusing our sales on system integrators, converters or resellers.

Customization capabilities include a tailored antenna and mechanical design, artwork printing and data programming. All our expertise, along with the persistence on quality and service, make Trace ID one of the most trustable partners in RFID industry.

2007 – Trace ID establishment

Established as the first Spanish inlay and label tags manufacturers under the name of Tracetech-ID, Trace ID was the third company in Europe with inlay production capabilities in 2007.

2008 – Solution for the ham industry

First to market to develop a UHF passive based solution for the ham industry. After almost 10 years, some brands of this industry keep trusting Trace ID for its RFID tag and inlays needs.

2010 – New Location, Barcelona

The factory moved from Bilbao to new facilities at Hospitalet del Llobregat, a town closed to Barcelona. The new headquarter and factory are placed in a well connected industrial area, equidistant and close to the shipping port, airport, major road networks and next logistics area of Barcelona.

2012 – Low-Cost Tag

First in Spain to develop a machine to automate the manufacturing process of a low-cost tag in high volumes for on metal applications.

2013 – Railway Applications

The first winner of the tender to supply RFID transport tickets for the main railway Spanish company.

2014 – BAP Tag

The launch a Battery Assisted Tag in label format flexible, low cost and disposable. Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) tag is a passive RFID tag with an internal battery. They function in a similar way to an active transponder tag because they wait for a signal from an RFID reader before answer. The battery turns on when it receives the signal from the reader and, due to its battery, this tag sends the signal farther than a traditional passive RFID tag. BAP tags can have sensors integrated and be placed on food to control the temperature during transport or storage stayed how we will see next. For now, this tag is not available.

2015 – Temperature BAP Tag

First to market to launch a Battery Assisted Tag in label format with temperature monitoring capabilities. One version with temperature limit alarms and another version with a data logger to download the graphic of the read temperatures.

The Iceberg BAP Tag, Battery Assisted RFID Label -in the picture above, is an RFID label with a flexible battery capable of monitoring temperature in real time. When maximum and minimum temperature ranges are configured, an alarm flag will be set in of the user’s memory if the temperature ranges are crossed. It is easy to target if a product has not followed the temperature conditions we are expecting. For now, this tag is not available.

Its common applications are:
  • Standard Supply Chain Management
  • Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)
  • Product configuration and control

2016 – New creations

During 2016 and part of 2017 we have been developing a new application and antenna which we are looking forward to introducing you soon. Very soon we will tell you what this is about in our Trace ID blog.

*Main photo by Robert Haverly on Unsplash.
Trace ID’s Highlights on RFID solutions