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RFID tags for sports timing

Popular sporting events open to professional and non-professionals athletes, such as urban or trail running races or marathons, need timing solutions with zero or minimum margin of error. In addition, these solutions must be simple to set, easy to operate, and scalable to a wide range of magnitudes of sporting events.

Thanks to RFID technology, the timing in this sort of sporting events reaches all these requirements, while it is much more accurate regardless of the number of participants. RFID timing systems consist of disposable RFID tags that can be attached on the dorsal, sports shoes or other clothes worn by the runner without much effort. Plus the appropriate hardware and software for the emission, reception and recording of data.

The benefits of RFID technology for the organization of sporting events

The most important marathons around the world use RFID systems to time the runners and have control over the route of the finishers. Marathons like the celebrated in New York with 50,000 finishers in 2016 or like the Berlin Marathon that, having reached the 45,000 runners in 2009, is now limited to 40,000 participants, would not be possible without an RFID timing system.

The most effective timing system

If the RFID system is set and used in the right way, it is the safest and most effective system to achieve a perfect timing and monitoring of the participants without the possibility of error.

Perfect synchronization and updating of data in real time

In Trace ID we plan the best RFID solution for each sporting event. For a perfect operation of the system composed of UHF tags and RFID antennas and readers. Always considering the peculiarities that can affect the performing of the system such as humidity or the high presence of metals.

Better organization of the sporting event

The fast and easy real-time data collection provided by an RFID timing system, nowadays, is indispensable. The RFID tag assigned to each participant will make it possible, not only the timing and control of the course of each individual participant but also the easiest and fastest publication of the results in the online and offline media.

More profitability

The implementation of RFID timing systems releases the sporting events organization of the need for the work of a large number of volunteers and/or workers, who control the routes and entrances and exits of participants. Thus, the organization of the event can reduce this human team or use it in more interesting and useful tasks for the improvement of the competition. In addition, the cost of UHF RFID tags has been reduced a lot while they have become better and more precise, so at the same time, they are disposable at the end of the race.

For all these benefits, an RFID timing system is essential for a sporting event where participants need to be timed. On the other hand, the possibilities and uses of RFID technology are very varied. If you want to know more about it, keep browsing our website

 Photo by Finn Gross Maurer on Unsplash
RFID tags for sports timing