RFID UHF Chrono Tag, sport timing tag

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Trace-tech Id Solutions has developed a new RFID UHF tag that has been especially designed to suit the requirements of sports timing events. It offers excellent results on challenging applications.

This tag is custom-supplied with:

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Bar code

EPC and User memory codification


  • High-performance for mass timing applications
  • Cost-effective technology
  • Works at peak efficiency in rapidly changing environments
  • Timing information available in real time

These tags separate the RFID antenna from the metal surface by using a spacer made with top-grade industrial foam. This spacer allows the RFID chip to be read successfully without any interference from the metal surface being tagged.


  • Minimum Order Qty: 300 units
  • Format: 1 reel

Chronotrace characteristics


Dimmensions:  108 x 30 x 2 mm (W x H x D

Delivery format: 2 mm EVA foam spacer wet

Adhesive: Solvent free permanent adhesive

Face material: Standard white Polypropylene, or under request.

Operating Temperature: -40⁰C to 85 ⁰C

Frequency: 865/915 Mhz

Transponder Protocols: ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 G2 (Monza 4)

Memory capacity: From 128 to 496  bits EPC memory. From 32 to 512 bits User memory

Reading distance: Up to 3m