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RFID for food

Considerations about RFID for food

One of the applications of RFID technology is RFID for food. If the labels are in contact with food they must meet certain conditions. Keep reading!

EuroShop 2020

Trace ID highly recommends to attend the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf from February 16th to 20th as an exhibitor or as a visitor but is an event you must not miss any actor involved some way in the retail industry.

European manufacturers

EU’s RFID tags manufacturers in its context

In this article, we present a brief but enlightening snapshot of what are the conditions where RFID label manufacturers evolve in the EU, as well as, by similarity, manufacturers of technological products that export between member states and the rest of the world. Keep reading!

RFID tgas for apparel TH-Wing

RFID tags by Trace ID: TH-Wing

RFID tags designed and manufactured by Trace ID: TH-Wing, the tag created for retail and specially thinking of systems of RFID for apparel.

RFID manufacturer Trace ID Merry Christmas

Best wishes to you all!

2018 has been a great year for Trace ID, and we hope that also for you all. Besides, we are excited about the next year 2019, we have some novelties in the oven, about which you will know very soon!

Improve profit with RFID for apparel

RFID for apparel, is it profitable?

Improve the profit of your fashion sales business with RFID for apparel. We tell you the latest developments in RFID tags. Keep reading!

Customized RFID tags manufacturers

Trace ID, RFID tags manufacturers

With over 11 years of experience, Trace ID is an RFID tags manufacturer settle in Barcelona, pioneers in Spain and with international distribution.

RFID tags for supply chain

The complete guide about RFID tags (II)

RFID tags are designed for the traceability of things, people and animals. Each type of activity will need different RFID solutions according to the characteristics of the product and the environment in which the RFID system is implemented.

RFID tags for sport timing

RFID tags for sports timing

Do you know why RFID tags are essential for sports timing? Thanks to RFID, timing in races is more effective and cheaper. We tell you why in this article, read on!

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